[Object.keys(networks_array).length] Networks, [minersCount+farmersCount+roiCount+othersCount] Projects ([minersCount] Miners, [farmersCount] Farmers, [roiCount] ROIApps & [othersCount] Others)

[Object.keys(networks_array).length] Networks, [minersCount+farmersCount+roiCount+othersCount] Projects

[minersCount] Miners, [farmersCount] Farmers, [roiCount] ROIApps & [othersCount] Others

Miners Payout : $ [totalPayoutInUSDMiners], Farmers Payout : $ [totalPayoutInUSDFarmers]

Miners 24 Hrs Est.: $ [totalEstimated24HrsInUSDMiners]

Miners Payout: $ [totalPayoutInUSDMiners], Farmers Payout: $ [totalPayoutInUSDFarmers], Miners 24 Hrs Est.: $ [totalEstimated24HrsInUSDMiners]

How it works ? Show My Data

How it works ? Show My Data

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# Project Name Token Invested Withdrawn Latest Timestamp
Cryptominer lists miners/farmers-related projects. The best way to make use of this website is, search for the project name/website/contract address in the list and check all the columns and possible actions. Users can check the contract balance trends, can do a single click compound all / sell all activities to save time. ShowMyData feature is partially enabled. Once it is live, users can do more analysis on any listed project.
Cryptominer listing allows accessing all miners/farmers projects w/o going to 100's of websites and displays virtually accurate real-time numbers. Miners/Farmers are a new concept in crypto and DYOR before investing.
Cryptominer's motto is to use one website, one referral link for all the projects listed on 8 blockchains. Users can get referral bonus on all the listed projects, just with one referral link sharing.
Once connected to the wallet, your miners/farmers get detected. BSC/Tron/FTM & Polygon projects can be detected automatically. Avax/One/Okt/KCS miners can be added instantly with at least one successful Buy / Sell / Compound activity in the Actions panel.
Skip button can be used from the list to skip any of your miners/farmers. (or) In Settings, you can specify the min. USD value requirement for any miner/farmer to include in the Compound All/Sell All activity.
They could be belonging to One / KCS / Okt / Avax networks or our automation may be a bit lagging. Miners can be added instantly with at least one successful Buy / Sell / Compound activity in the Actions panel.
Miners get added based on interaction on the chain with your wallet address. In the miner contract, if some funds are transferred to you, it will be added as a miner, even though you do not have any miners hired.
debugdata: listDevider:[listDevider] projectTypeMiners:[projectTypeMiners] projectTypeFarmers:[projectTypeFarmers] projectTypeOthers:[projectTypeOthers] CONNECTED_ID:[CONNECTED_ID] networks_array.polygon.atleast_once:[networks_array.polygon.atleast_once]

Network Connection Status (Connect by clicking the icon)

Network connection status

Select the network in the wallet and refresh the page
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Project Name Age Fees Daily TVL%24h TVL($) Pocket($) 24hr Est.($) Actions Skip Links Token TVL(T) Pocket(T) M/F Last Action Users Miners Updated Time

Website: [h.website], Token: [h.tokenString], Network: [h.network]


This project is neither Miner nor Farmer. No buy/sell functionality is available other than showing the balances/charts and token approval activities.

This project is ROI based. No buy/sell functionality is available other than showing the balances/charts and token approval activities.

reading contract data ...
[h.ethtospend] [h.opToken_symbol] Hires [h.common_eggstobuy] Miners
Min. Invest: [h.INVEST_MIN_AMOUNT] [h.opToken_symbol]
[h.ethtospend] [h.opToken_symbol] Hires [h.common_eggstobuy] Miners
Min. Invest: [h.INVEST_MIN_AMOUNT] [h.opToken_symbol]
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CompoundAll/SellAll Amount

Set the withdrawal amount minimum required in USD to trigger the compound/sell for CompoundAll / SellAll activity . Min. 3$ is suggested. Platform calculates the USD value for all of your miners when CompoundAll/SellAll activity is initiated.

General Info

Cryptominer.Finance is an ecosystem having a single interface for all the 100's of miner/farmer contracts released by different teams. With one click, you can compound / sell on all the miners / farmers. Crypto Miner also releases miners, as per the market conditions, with miner algorithm improvements.
Any Miner pays a published daily %, according to the current mining efficiency rate. This is not a return on investment value. The mining efficiency rate rises and falls as you and other players hire miners, compound earnings and sell/withdraw the tokens. The object of the game is hiring more miners, sooner and more often than other players. This in turn earns you more earnings. Published daily rate is not based on your investment, but based on the mining efficiency rate. For 3% daily rate, it is possible that a few investors can make 3-4X based on their entry time. For some, it may take time. Mining algorithm is a beautiful algorithm and can accommodate up and downs and the earnings entirely depend on player activities.
All the listed miner contracts can be viewed and verified on the respective blockchain explorer.

Referral Links

Referral Links